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Corinna Lütsch -
founder of Remote Teambuilding 

Teamdeveloper Corinna Lütsch
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For over 20 years I have been active in a wide variety of roles in the field of human resources development. At one time I was responsible for training in the area of IT professions, then a manager, later - and still - a self-employed team developer and business coach.

Stations as a university didactic assistant made me familiar with eDidactics, as well as with the topic of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Teaching assignments and frequent coaching and team development fulfil my need to support groups in their collaboration. 

In addition, I have a soft spot for new technological developments and like change. The possibilities that the digital space opens up for working with groups immediately excited me. They still inspire my own creativity and that of my clients.

My vision is of a world where every living being can thrive, my mission to support people in their development. This can be individuals as well as people in teams.

Born and raised near Cologne, I know that "everybody is different" (thus a saying in the Cologne area goes) and I find this diversity enriching. At the same time, I have not failed to notice the challenges it also brings.


Since we as humanity are confronted with challenges that cannot be solved by individuals alone, we cannot avoid cooperation in the microcosm as well as in the macrocosm.

And when people spread across this beautiful planet work together on important tasks, it is my vocation to support them.

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