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Making cooperation succeed


A well functioning TEAM is the key to success!

remote consulting for an efficient team
remote teambuilding Corinna Luetsch


You want a strong team?
Remote consulting, team development, coaching for your team success!

Contact us if it's about virtual cooperation.

We support teams regardless of location to build and improve their collaboration

  • for clear goal orientation, motivated and trusting cooperation, constructive exchange, appropriate processes and structures and more creativity.

  • in all phases of cooperation, from getting to know each other to project evaluation, through thick and thin, as consultant, facilitator, coach.

  • tailor-made for your specific needs.

Because cooperation is not a matter of course.

A suitable structure and communication as well as trust are essential conditions for successful cooperation.

Use the possibilities of  location-independent collaboration!

Eva in Buxtehude, Ian and Lynda in London, Jesse in Capetown...

For a team that does not share a common workplace to work together successfully, it needs team spirit characterised by trust and suitable structures.

We strengthen your team, online.


We boost the performance of your team


Team development

… supports your team in all phases of its collaboration


Team building

... boosts team efficiency


Team facilitation

… supports your team in achieving their goals.

>> Learn more

Team coaching

… is a learning and development activity. It helps the team to reflect and improve their communication and relationships.


Team leadership coaching

… is exchange and consultation at eye level.


Team counselling

... allows you to benefit from our experience.

We also support you conceptually.


Individual coaching

... when it's about personal(ity) development.

(for team leaders/managers, team members)


Personality Profiling

... auf Basis der BIG FIVE für die Auswahl der passenden Teammitglieder.

... based on the BIG FIVE for more understanding of personality(ies) in the team


Team Check 

... auf Basis der BIG FIVE für die Auswahl der passenden Teammitglieder.

… to increase team efficiency and sensitivity for different working styles



- please contact us for individual quotes

We have put together our most popular services as packages for you:

team online workshop for more team success

Team starter 

Make everything right from the start.

  • Creation of a tailor-made team development concept after a thorough clarification of your concerns.

  • Consultation with the team leader, 3 x 1 hrs.

  • Personality Profiler & Team check for resource-oriented team development

  • Individual interviews to evaluate the Personality Profile

  • 8 hrs online team development

  • Room for getting to know each other within the team, clarifying team goals and tasks, discussing and agreeing on essential next steps in the team.

  • Documentation of results

from* 4.450 € plus VAT.

* > 6 persons + 250 € p.p.
Dates by arrangement
Happy team through trusting cooperation

Team starter light

So your team gets off to a flying start.

  • Creation of a tailor-made team development concept after a thorough clarification of your concerns.

  • Consultation with the team leader,
    2 x 1 hrs.

  • 7 hrs online team development,
    e.g. 4
    +3 hrs.

  • clarifying of team goals and tasks, role analysis

  • working on your team topics

  • Documentation of results

2.250 € plus VAT.

Dates by arrangement
team reflexion for better cooperation

Pit stop

So that you can be sure you are still on the best path.

  • 6 hrs online team development

  • Reflection with a look back, pause, and then a look forward

  • Guided change of perspective to prepare the next steps in the team

  • Documentation of results

1.700 € plus VAT.

Dates by arrangement
team development for more team creativity

Team booster

So that things run smoothly again.

  • Thorough systemic examination of the identified challenges in the run-up to team development

  • 2 hrs online consultation with the team leader

  • 5 hrs online team building

  • including Personality Profiler and Team Check to get to the bottom of potential conflicts in the team

  • Working out concrete ways of clarification

from* 3.900 € plus VAT.

* > persons + 250 € p.P.
Dates by arrangement

Refreshment & inspiration for your everyday team life

Observations, information and stories
around remote working teams

So funktioniert´s

How it works

1. You contact us via the form or email directly.


2. We will contact you and together we will clarify the essential issues regarding your request or project.


3. You will receive our proposals including prices.

4. If necessary we clarify further details in an exchange.


And off we go with the right team development measure for you!!

How can we best reach you for a consultation?

Thank you!

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