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Growing together as a team

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If a remote team that is not only in existence for a short period of time is to be supported in its development, then a remote team coaching is the appropriate format.

Team coaching is similar to individual (business) coaching in many respects.


It is a form of process support, the client's resources are uncovered and consciously used, a learning and development process is initiated and reflected upon in its course.

In this respect, remote team coaching is particularly useful when it is not a matter of a short-term change based on external advice, but when a team is allowed to grow.


Remote team coaching is useful:

  • when the whole team is the target group,

  • when the quality of cooperation is to be improved,

  • the focus is on team performance,

  • when a team is working together for a longer period of time,

  • when there is a willingness for self-reflection,

  • when it is about issues on the relationship level.

Remote team coaching is a form of help for self-help.


The focus is on the team and its environment.

Team coaching is not individual coaching in a team

The team coach guides the team through a learning process. This means that remote team coaching, unlike remote team development, usually takes place over a period of time that enables the team to learn.

The coaching process is similar to that of coaching individuals:


After the team's concerns have been thoroughly explored and backgrounds, including emotional ones, have been recognised, solutions are selected and worked out.


If necessary, the team coach provides input on topics such as communication or team dynamics.


The team then moves on to implementation: the solution devised is tested, reflected on in the team coaching and, if necessary, adapted until the team's goal is achieved.

In team coaching, the focus is on the goals, strategies and values of the team, not those of the individuals involved.


This distinguishes team coaching from group coaching, the coaching of individuals in a group.


Remote team coaching is not an appropriate measure,

  • when a team only works together for a short time,

  • when the focus is on factual issues,

  • when concerns of individuals within a team are at stake,

  • when problems in teamwork result from a lack of resources, 

  • when organisational conditions hinder teamwork - this is where organisational development is needed.

If you would like to know more, contact us.

standing together as a remote team

Frequent topics in remote team coaching are:

  • regular (e.g. once a year) reflection on the cooperation,

  • improving the working atmosphere in the team,

  • strengthening the team spirit,

  • conflicts in the team,

  • dealing with diversity in the team,

  • intercultural challenges within the team.

How it works

Clarifying the concrete need


After a thorough clarification of the assignment and an initial rough estimate of the effort required, we clarify the concerns you bring with you in consultation with you and your team. Based on this, we recommend a procedure in several steps. This could be, for example, 3 to 5 team coaching sessions of 1.5 hours each (depending on the issue).


Remote team coaching


We conduct team coaching online, regardless of the location of the individual team members, but also in presence if required and possible.


It is possible to get to know each other online, to build trust and to find solutions to challenges together. This is even more efficient than meeting in person in many cases.

Get in touch with us. We look forward to your questions!

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