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Those who understand themselves are much better teamplayers


The Personality Profiler is a scientifically based personality test.


Based on the BIG FIVE, the standard model of personality psychology, the Personality Profiler provides answers to the following questions


  • How do I behave? (Character)

  • What drives me? (Motives)

  • What am I particularly good at? (Competencies).


You fill out a questionnaire online and then receive a comprehensive evaluation including practical advice and recommendations regarding working style, leadership, perception of others, communication and cooperation, negotiating and selling.

The Personality Profiler is based on your self-disclosure and helps you to better understand yourself and other people.


A 60-minute evaluation interview is included in the package.


On request, the evaluation is possible with a focus, the so-called depth profile, on topics such as "ability to work in a team" or "agility", among others.

Personality Profiler for understanding each other within a team

Using the Personality Profilers is beneficial

whenever an examination of one's own personality is helpful, e.g.

  • when it is a question of improving the ability to work in a team / communication / conflict management,

  • for a comparison of self-image and the perception of others,

  • when it comes to self- and stress management,

  • for indications of development potentials,

  • to support remote (team) leadership.

In every coaching process, character, motives and competencies play a major role, whether in remote team leadership coaching or in individual coaching of team members.


The Personality Profiler provides detailed insights that support coaching.

Individual profile or Team Check

On an interpersonal level, there is hardly a challenge in teamwork for which the Personality Profiler would not provide helpful insights.


Sometimes, however, the question arises whether an individual team member or the entire team should work with the profile (Team Check).

Teams gain an overview of the personality styles represented in the team through the Team Check, learn to understand each other better and improve their communication.


The use of the Personality Profiler for an individual profile is no appropriate measure,

  • if the results are not evaluated afterwards and a development is not initiated,

  • if the cause of a problem lies in the team as a whole,

  • if the cause of a problem lies in the system, e.g. a lack of resources, or

  • if the organisational framework conditions hinder teamwork - this is where organisational development is needed.

If you want to learn more about this, please contact us!

Personality Profiler team building

Common issues around teamwork where the use of the Personality Profiler is helpful:

  • Strengths check

  • Identification of individual development opportunities

  • Integration of new team members

  • Discovering potentials of team members as remote leaders

  • Supporting coaching processes at staff and management level

  • Kick-off for a new team (Team Check)

  • The working atmosphere is not good (Team Check)

  • Team members work together poorly or unwillingly (Team Check)

  • Values and beliefs of the team are unclear, so everyone acts according to their own values, which leads to problems when values like accuracy and speed clash (Team Check)

How it works

Fill in questionnaire


Once you have chosen the Personality Profiler, we will send you a link to the online questionnaire.


Whenever it suits you, fill in the questionnaire.

You should plan a quiet 25-40 minutes for this.

You will then receive your personal results report.


Individual coaching with the Personality Profiler


We will then arrange a 60-minute evaluation meeting according to your wishes.


Depending on the concerns you are pursuing with the use of the Personality Profiler, it makes sense to add further coaching sessions.

Get in touch with us. We are looking forward to your questions!

personality profiler for team building and development
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