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Know-how to work in a remote team

team listening to the team leader


You ask, we answer.


You describe your challenges in remote teamwork, we support you with our expertise and provide you with feasible ideas.


This doesn't mean that we have a simple solution for every difficulty, but often it's just a matter of knowing how. In remote team counselling, we tell you what we think and pass on our knowledge about working in remote and hybrid teams.


We are also happy to support you with your conceptual concerns!


Target persons can be the team leader as well as the team.


Remote team counselling is useful

  • for more knowledge about working in teams/ in a remote team

  • if you want to use our experience and expertise

  • for tips and ideas on how to improve cooperation in your team

  • to use an outsider's view on your team issues

  • if you need short-term information (no accompanied team process).


Often it does not take much to initiate a desired change in the remote team.


If you want to become active yourself as a team leader or team member, we will be happy to support you.

Team counselling is not team leadership coaching

Unlike in team leadership coaching, in remote team counselling we move more on the factual level.


As a person, you are much less in the focus, you pick up tips from us and decide what you want to implement and how. If you want, we will give you feedback on your plans.


Furthermore, we do not see remote team counselling as process support, because in most cases it takes place selectively. Exceptions are small training sessions on team-related topics.


Remote team counselling is not a sufficient measure,

  • if you need more than information and

  • your questions are predominantly on the relationship level.


When team counselling turns into coaching

Imagine you are confronted with a conflict between two team members in the role of team leader.


To deal with this conflict, you pick up hints and tips on how to conduct conversations with the conflict parties in team counselling.


Then the team counsellor asks you: "Can you manage this [the moderation of the discussion]? If you are now unsure and would like further support, coaching would be a useful addition to the counselling.


In some cases, information is a first, helpful step. On this basis, you can then consider further implementation.

If you want to learn more, please contact us.

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Kleines Meeting

Frequent topics in remote team counselling are found at all levels of work in a team:

  • Defining team goals correctly

  • Team goals and individual goals

  • Team tasks and individual tasks

  • Implementing work processes

  • Measures for a better working climate

  • Dealing with conflicts in the team

  • Building trust

  • Do we have a team spirit?

  • Roles in the remote team

  • Phases in the remote team

How it works

It couldn't be simpler


We make an appointment and you're ready to go.


We reserve one hour for you and your question. If you would like a longer appointment, just let us know. If everything has been clarified after 20 minutes, only these are charged.


We can talk on the phone or meet in the zoom room. Some people can concentrate better on the phone. If necessary, a video conference can always be added in this case. What is your preference?


Remote team counselling


You tell us your questions and provide us with the necessary  background information.


We ask clarifying questions, get a picture, give answers. In some cases we send you information after the interview (e.g. a checklist).


Now and then we let something go through our minds (sleep a night over your question) and then answer you.

After the team consultation, you will have new, expert impulses on your question in a short time.

Get in touch with us. We look forward to your questions!

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