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Who is who in the team?

With personality towards success.

team check builds up trust in a remote team


Using the Personality Profiler, a scientifically based personality test based on the BIG FIVE, the Team Check provides an overview of the characters, motives and competencies represented in the team.


All team members fill out an online questionnaire and within a few minutes an anonymised team report is available.

Based on the personalities represented, the team report provides information about behaviour and roles in the team, the essential motives, as well as strengths, weaknesses and development potentials and usually serves as the basis for a team development measure .


Using the Team Check makes sense

whenever the team and its individual personalities need to get to know each other better, e.g

  • for a smooth(er) cooperation

  • for more understanding and trust

  • for solution-oriented conflict management

  • for a comparison of the team's self-image and the perception of others (e.g. how do we appear to our clients?)

  • as well as for supporting the team leader.


Seeing in black and white a factual representation of the team competences, the formative characters and motives in a result report provides numerous impulses and suggestions for groundbreaking development steps in the team.

Team Check or individual profile

When it comes to challenges at the level of the team as a whole, the Team Check offers a variety of insights.


Through the Team Check, teams gain an overview of the personality styles represented in the team, learn to understand each other better and improve their communication


If the Team Check is an incentive for individual team members to deal more specifically with their own personality, it is possible to evaluate the data already collected for the Team Check in the form of an individual profile.


Using the Team Check is no appropriate measure,

  • if the results are not subsequently evaluated and a development is not initiated,

  • if the cause of a problem lies in the system, e.g. a lack of resources or

  • if the organisational framework conditions

If you want to know more, simply contact us.

team check in team coaching and team building

Common issues around teamwork where the use of the Personality Profiler (individual and Team Check) is helpful:

  • Kick-off for a new team

  • The working atmosphere is not good

  • Team members work together poorly or reluctantly

  • Values and beliefs of the team are unclear, so everyone acts according to their own values, which leads to problems when values like accuracy and speed clash

  • Strengths check

  • Identification of development opportunities for the team

  • Integration of new team members

  • Discovering team potentials as a remote leader

  • Supporting coaching processes at staff and leadership level

How it works

Team Check


After you have decided on the Team Check, we arrange an appointment for a remote team meeting and all participants receive information on the procedure so that possible questions can be clarified in advance.

In the remote meeting, all team members receive a personal link to a personalised questionnaire.


Then 45 minutes are available to complete the questionnaire. After a short break, the report is available, which is then presented and explained to the team by us. If desired, the report can be anonymised.

Depending on the objectives and mandate, the team then reflects on the findings of the team report and develops implementation steps.


Team Check, team development and team coaching

Usually, the implementation of a Team Check is part of a remote team development or team coaching.


The time frame of the measure depends on its objective.

Get in touch with us. We are looking forward to your questions!

communication in an online team about team check results
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