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Small measure with a strong effect

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Remote team leadership or team management coaching is the coaching of an individual, the team leader, with the aim of strengthening them in their leadership function.


In this way, the cooperation within the team can be influenced indirectly. In many cases, team leadership coaching is particularly efficient, as there is only one target person and this person, as a multiplier / way finder / coach, brings his or her learning experience from the coaching into the team as a whole.


For this reason, the effectiveness and sustainability of remote team leadership coaching is particularly high.


Remote team leadership coaching is often about the personality of the leader, their behavioural patterns, their values and the role of the team leader. Whether it is a change to a remote leadership position or a special challenge in the area of remote leadership:


Here we are at your side as a sparring partner with remote expertise.


Remote team leadership coaching is useful:

  • if you want to improve your remote leadership skills - whether as a novice leader or an experienced manager,

  • if you want a personal exchange at eye level,

  • if it's about the role of team leadership,

  • if you want tips and are ready for self-reflection,

  • if you want to improve team performance,

  • if it is about dealing with conflicts between team members,

  • if you want to face challenges from within the organisation differently than before.

Remote team leadership coaching is a form of help for self-help. The focus is on the person of the team leader and their interaction with the team.

Remote team leadership coaching as a variant of executive coaching

Team leadership coaching is a specialised leadership coaching.


It covers almost all the topics that are in demand in leadership coaching, from the entry into a new leadership position, to employee and conversation management, to strategic considerations.


After the issue and its context have been thoroughly clarified and the personality of the team leader has been included, helpful approaches are worked out together.


If necessary, the coach gives input on topics such as remote communication or team dynamics.


Then it's time for implementation: the developed approaches are tested, reflected on in the team leadership coaching and adapted if necessary until the coaching goal is achieved.


Remote team leadership coaching is not the appropriate measure,

  • if, as a team leader, you mainly want advice and tips - then team counselling is the more appropriate way,

  • if you do not want to deal with your personality or behaviour within the framework of your function at the current time.

In many cases, it is helpful to combine remote team development with team leadership coaching for optimal success.

If you want to learn more, please contact us.

enhancing creativity in a remote team
Team Brainstorming

Common issues in remote team leadership coaching are:

  • Clarification of one's own role

  • Improving the impact of one's own communication behaviour

  • Improving the ability to assert oneself or to dissociate oneself from others

  • Time and self-management

  • clarifying ways of dealing with conflicts in the team

  • dealing with diversity in the team

  • intercultural challenges

  • Sparring - exchange and reflection at eye level

How it works

Initial interview - clarifying the need


In a non-binding remote meeting (max. 30 min.), the coach and the team leader check whether the cooperation is suitable in this case. The team leader roughly outlines the goals to be achieved through coaching.

Afterwards, both parties have the opportunity to use a reflection period to decide whether a cooperation is suitable.


Often the coach already has an idea of what the coaching process could look like in terms of frequency and duration of the meetings and communicates this.

Now the decision about the cooperation is made.


Remote team leadership coaching


In the remote coaching itself, the concerns that you bring with you as a team leader are explored in more detail and specified at the beginning. Thus we are right in the middle of the process.


How long the coaching process will take depends on its objective.

Get in touch with us. We look forward to your questions!

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