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Achieving goals as a team in a structured way.

Trustful meeting atmosphere in a team


Achieving goals within a limited time in a team in such a way that all team members are involved can be challenging even for a well-rehearsed team.


Remote team facilitation relieves the team work process by having a team facilitator guide the team through this process with a practised hand and with the help of selected tools.


Comparable to a facilitation in presence, the emoderation develops a structured procedure, at the same time flexibly adapts to the needs of the team and leads through the process with methodological support.


Work results are documented, tasks agreed upon, next steps aimed at.

If desired, the remote team facilitator makes their perception available to the team, if this is helpful: "I notice that you [the team] are doing this/not doing that", but does not intervene in the team's activities.

Gestaltung am Tablet

Remote team facilitation is useful in cases such as:

  • Goals are to be achieved in the team within a time-limited framework.

  • The team or the team leader should be relieved.

  • The creative potential of the team should be allowed to unfold in order to achieve a certain goal.

  • Conflicts in the team should be resolved. (Attention: The time frame should not be arbitrarily narrow. Time pressure is counterproductive here.)

  • All team members should have their say / contribute.

  • If efficient communication is particularly important.

  • If the team should experience in an exemplary way how a functioning facilitation can look like, possibly combined with a short training or information unit.

  • If comprehensive / clearly structured documentation is required.

Remote team facilitation can therefore be used to support the team in a specific work step.


By acting as a role model, it can also help to develop new ways of digital collaboration.

Remote team facilitation is not team development

Unlike team development, team facilitation is not a targeted intervention in team dynamics.


Nevertheless, it does have an influence in that the team, supported in its self-organisation through team facilitation, experiences itself differently than in ordinary team meetings, for example


Remote team facilitation is not an appropriate measure,

  • when it comes to the team structure, i.e. roles or values,

  • when the working atmosphere is to be improved,

  • when there are conflicts between individual team members. These should not be dealt with by the team as a whole.

  • If neutrality on the part of the facilitator is not desired and, for example, certain procedures or attitudes are to be made palatable to the team.

If you would like to know more, please contact us.

concentration in an online working team

Facilitation online?

Yes, but not without an online collaborative whiteboard.


If you are wondering how moderation/facilitation works without pinboards, flipcharts and sticky dots:


In general, many techniques are used in remote team facilitation that are also used in presence, but in a modified form, such as


  • Instead of point polling with sticky dots, virtual dots or ticks are used, with the help of zoom tools or on the online collaboration board,

  • Card surveying is possible on the online collaboration board,

  • Small group work is possible with (almost) any online conferencing system.


There is no application for which the digital space does not have a transferable solution.


And of course there is more to it, such as working on a joint document.

How it works

Clarifying the concrete need


After a thorough clarification of the assignment, we develop a structured approach in consultation with you and based on our experience.


In doing so, we take into account your individual needs and at the same time contribute our expertise.


Remote Teammoderation


We conduct team facilitation remotely, regardless of the location of the individual team members, but also in presence if required and possible.


The more the factual level is in the foreground of your objectives, the more helpful remote team facilitation usually is. But even if the relationship level plays a major role, e.g. in the case of a conflict, remote moderation can make it possible to clarify the conflict if the technical framework conditions are suitable.

Experience shows that remote team facilitation leads to excellent results in a particularly efficient way.

Get in touch with us. We look forward to your questions!

remote team facilitation is relief
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