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Clarify issues with each other as a team and build up trust



Team building or team development is a form of process support and is one of the measures of personnel development.

The process that is selectively accompanied is the development process of a team, as described by Tuckman, for example.


At the beginning of its cooperation, team development can serve to position the team well. At a later stage, it can be about integrating new team members or dealing with a specific challenging situation.


The general objective of team development measures is to improve cooperation within the group for the benefit of achieving the team goal.

Kollegen arbeiten zusammen

Team building / Team development is useful:

  • to clarify roles, tasks and processes in the team,

  • to increase team efficiency,

  • when there are changes within the team,

  • when it comes to communication within the team

  • in case of factual conflicts,

  • to cultivate relationships

  • a.o.

A team also develops without intervention through team development. Team building supports and accelerates group processes by means of targeted interventions, i.e. interventions in team action.

Team building is not the same as incentives

Team building is not a pure incentive measure whose central idea is to give the participants pleasure and fun.

Even though team building can be very motivating for the team, as essential problem areas are worked on, it often requires a portion of openness and courage, as well as concentration and creativity, before the fruits of teambuilding can be reaped in the end.


Team building is also not the appropriate measure,

  • if problems in teamwork result from a lack of resources, 

  • if the organisational framework conditions hinder teamwork - this is where organisational development is needed,

  • if there are conflicts between individual team members. These should not be dealt within the team as a whole.

If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Team communication for team goals

Common issues in team building are found at all levels of team work:

  • The common goals are not clear.

  • The tasks resulting from the goals are not clearly defined and delineated from each other.

  • There is no common understanding of procedures and processes.

  • The working atmosphere is not good.

  • Team members work together poorly or reluctantly.

  • Individual team members are excluded.

  • There is no trust, no openness.

  • Values and beliefs of the team are unclear, so everyone acts according to their own values, which leads to problems when values like accuracy and speed clash.

  • Roles are unclear / filled too often / no one feels responsible.

How it works

Clarifying the concrete need


After a thorough clarification of the task, we develop a structured procedure in consultation with you and based on our experience.


In doing so, we individually address the needs of your team with a tailor-made team building in order to improve its performance level and increase the work satisfaction of the team members.


Remote team building


We conduct team building remotely, regardless of the location of the individual team members, but also in presence if required and possible.


Of course, it is helpful if team members can meet in person.


But it is also possible to get to know each other virtually, to build trust and to find solutions to challenges together.

Get in touch with us. We look forward to your questions!

remote team-meetings build trust
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