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For better overall team performance

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Team members who are important for the success of the team do not always have all the skills and competences that are needed to cooperate effectively in a remote team.


In remote individual coaching, the focus is on competencies and behaviour that are person-related and have an effect on the team as a whole.


As a rule, such issues as the development of the remote moderation competence of one team member or the lack of reliability of another cannot and should not be dealt within the team as a whole.


In such cases, remote individual coaching focuses on the individual team member.


Remote individual coaching is a form of personnel development.


Individual coaching in a team context is usually commissioned coaching, i.e. the contracting authority and the client are not identical. The contracting authority, often the organisation or supervisor, then gives a mandate for the coaching, such as improving stress competence or developing a client into a leader.


As in remote team leadership coaching, remote coaching of other team members also accompanies a learning and/or change process and extends over several appointments.

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Remote individual coaching is useful

  • for the retention of team members,

  • when remote communication needs to be improved,

  • if a team member is to be supported in time and self-management,

  • if there is a conflict between team members, e.g. in preparation for a discussion or/and as a means of clarification,

  • if certain personal competences are to be developed

  • a.o.

Remote individual coaching is a form of help for self-help.


The focus is on you as a client with your personality, your competences and your role in the team. 

Remote individual coaching is more than a training

The first step in remote coaching is to thoroughly explore the client's assignment and the coachee's concerns in their context.


Once the objective is clear, helpful options for action are worked out in cooperation. The personality and resources of the client are meanwhile always taken into account.


If necessary, the coach gives thematic input, e.g. on topics such as remote conversation, roles in the team or conflicts. Then it's time for implementation: the approaches developed are tested, reflected on in the coaching and adapted if necessary until the coaching goal is achieved.


Although knowledge is also imparted as needed in remote coaching, the focus is rather on supporting the application of new ways and behaviours as well as their effects in the system (team, organisation).


Remote individual coaching is not an appropriate measure,

  • when there is no readiness for self-reflection,

  • when factual issues are in the foreground,

  • when it is about issues that affect the whole team, such as work processes, team spirit or the like.

If you want to know more about this, please contact us.

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Frequent topics in remote individual coaching are

  • Time and self-management

  • Communication and listening

  • self-image and perception of others

  • Conducting conversations in the event of conflict

  • Dealing with emotions

  • Stress management

  • Knowing and using one's own resources

How it works

Contacting and clarifying the issues

The clarification of relevant issues can take place in two ways:


  • Conversation between mandator and coach.

You as mandator explain to us your concerns regarding one of your team members, if necessary supplemented by a 6-eyes-conversation together with the person in question.


  • You (as the client) approach us directly.

After you have clarified the acceptance of coaching with your manager, you contact us directly. You explain to us which expectation your manager or the organisation associates with the coaching.


In both cases, a non-binding remote meeting (max. 30 min.) follows, in which coach and client check whether the cooperation fits.

Often the coach at this point has an idea of what the coaching process could look like in terms of frequency and duration and communicates this.

Now the decision about the cooperation is made.


Remote individual coaching


In the remote coaching itself, the first step is to explore and specify the objective and its context more precisely. Thus, we are already in the middle of the process.


How long a coaching process takes depends on its objective.


Get in touch with us. We look forward to your questions!

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